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  Phone:        604.820.5553 Toll Free: 1.866.731.8532  Fax:            604.820.5559  email:  #7-32851 London Ave.,  Mission, BC.,  V2V 6M7 ATOMIC PLATING Maximum part size is 78” x 36” x 22” The different plating finishes are: Copper Gold Antique Copper Chrome Nickel Satin Nickel Black Chrome Tri Chrome Satin Gold Satin Chrome Duplex Nickel The various metals which we can plate onto are: Steel Zinc Die Cast Bronze Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper We have complete repair facilities and services which include: Removal of dents in stainless mouldings Repairs of cracks and breaks in pot metal parts Repair pot metal parts that are in very bad condition Repair and straighten automobile bumpers and rebars We can buff to a high degree of finish: Copper Stainless Steel Brass Aluminum Bronze Brushed finishes We have the facilities to: Strip off old chrome Strip off paint Strip off nickel Strip off rust Sandblast parts Barrel Plating of small parts Plastic Repairs We have the facilities and expertise to weld and repair most plastic auto parts, both older and newer models. Atomic Plating is I.S.O 9001 certified! Maximum part weight is around 400 lbs